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GE DuraStation is our most versatile line of electric vehicle
chargers. It offers a broad array of mounting options, user access
control and payment methods with the optional WattStation
Connect Software which includes an RFID reader. Rugged, durable
and time-tested, DuraStation has been successfully used in the
extreme heat of summer to the dead of winter.

Features and Benefits
Highly Versatile: DuraStation offers a broad array of options for
EV charging station operators. It is available in single and double connector pedestals, and can be wall or pole mounted making DuraStation ideal for any outdoor installation.

Safety First: DuraStation helps to deliver peace of mind with ground fault protection and surge protection. It features indoor/ outdoor rating (NEMA 3R) and meets UL standards and approvals. 

User Interface: The sleek user interface and LED indicator lights offer users a simple and clear way to identify when the DuraStation is available for use, charging the EV, or if a fault has occurred. Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) screen shows greetings, instructions and station messages.
Advanced Network Capabilities: DuraStation can be ordered with the advanced WattStation Connect Software. Optional WattStation Connect software provides a user-friendly cloud based web application for owners to configure, control and monitor their charging station network. Timely information about the state of their charging stations gives owners the ability to diagnose and manage problems remotely. The ability to define and set pricing plans and manage access for the use of the charging station is also included in the WattStation Connect software.
Branded Wrap: DuraStation offers an incredible ‘billboard’ for your ‘brand’. For a small upcharge, a 3M vinyl wrap can be added.  All you provide is the artwork!
Peace of mind that comes with a three year parts warranty. Extended parts warranties also available.

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