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Manage, monitor and maintain The web-enabled version of WattStation Connect provides WattStation owners a user-friendly method to configure, control and monitor their charging station network. Timely information about the state of their charging stations gives owners the ability to diagnose and manage problems remotely.

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WattStation Connect

Integrated service platform Take your EV infrastructure project to the next level with the networked WattStation and WattStation Wall Mount EV chargers and WattStation Connect service. This integrated hardware and service solution can help manage your charging stations remotely, generate valuable reports, and engage with customers in new and meaningful ways. 

Access control and payment options Access cards using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology provide EV owners secure access to charging stations and allow you to set up pricing options and collect revenue. Payment cards enable EV drivers to charge at your WattStation and pay using the WattStation Connect mobile app.