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Modern design: A smart, timeless design − the perfect complement to any EV.
Simplicity: Plug the EV in and let it charge! A green backlit charging icon will illuminate to signal that the EV is in the process of charging. When charging is complete, users simply wrap the cord around the charging station, keeping it organized and out of the way.
Modular Upgrades: GE has developed the WattStation solution so it can easily grow to meet your future needs. Utilizing our cloud based software platform the WattStation Connect we're able to keep your product up to date with remote firmware upgrades.
Easy to use: The product offers Level II charging with service needs of 208-240VAC at 40A. The sleek user interface and LED indicator lights offer users a simple and clear way to identify when the WattStation is available for use, charging the EV, or if a fault has occurred.
Installation: With easy to install mounting brackets, installation of the WattStation couldn't be easier. A sturdy mounting plate with heavy-duty screws and a key lock keep the WattStation securely in place and prevent unwanted removal from the wall.
Inside or outside: We've built a charger that is rugged enough to put outdoors. It's NEMA 3R rating means it shrugs off rain and sleet, even a coating of ice.
Hard Wired vs. Plug-in Unit: The WattStation wall mount can either be hard wired for more permanent installations or plugged in for simple removal of the unit. Choose the option that works best for you. It can be installed in new or existing construction.

​Dimensions: 24" h x 16" w x 6" d

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Electric vehicles deserve the best. 
What the electric vehicle has been waiting for! In only 4-8 hours GE's WattStation wall mount delivers a full-cycle 30A charge to a 24 kWh battery. Compare that to the 12-18 hours it would take with an ordinary outlet.

WattStation Wall Mount